Tipser takes care of your customers

The customers are Tipser's highest priority and since Tipser is the merchant of record and legally responsible, customers are encouraged to contact our customer's support directly.

When signing up as a merchant you provide us with general information about your return policy, product warranties and other useful information. Our Customer Service Team will help your customers when time comes, giving you the opportunity to focus on your regular business.

How to contact Tipser

  1. Customer service is available 24/7 at
  2. We are available on chat on our website 
  3. Customer can call us here (914) 229-9534 from Monday to Friday 9-12
  4. Our team speaks English, Swedish, German and French

Let us help!

If a customer reaches out to you or your customer service team regarding an order or shopping experience from Tipser, please guide the customer to We will be happy to help!