• How Tipser Works
  • Cost on Tipser
  • Work Process as a Merchant

How Tipser Works

Tipser allows you to connect your store to our platform to upload products and synchronize orders seamlessly. 

Tipser is a platform for merchants and publishers to collaborate with each other

Once you sign up as a merchant and complete the merchant account setup, our publishers can get access to your products and can create content and sell your products on their site, either embedded into content, via a traditional web shop interface, inside apps, or other creative solutions. 

We provides seamless experience for your business

The completed purchase journey takes place on the publishers' website without the customer having to go to a third-party site, resulting in a more seamless experience for the customer and an increase in conversion rates. Once a customer has completed a purchase, the order, together with customer and purchase information, will be forwarded to your store for fulfilment as usual.

Cost of Tipser

There are NO monthly fees or set-up costs. 

You only pay a commission on confirmed sales when orders are transmitted successfully. If an order is returned, the sales commission is not processed. 

We bear all other costs for payment (transaction costs) and customer service. A connection to Tipser entails no minimum terms of contract apart from a 30 day notice period on terminations.

  • What is Sale Commission?

The commission rates differ depending on publisher requirements, product range, and product category. 

In general, our publishers ask for at least 30% commission, calculated on the final price to the customer. We charge no commission on shipping costs.

  • Three Levels of Commission

  • Default commission rate (by market) - the default rate that any given publisher can get from selling your products. You will have the option of only displaying your products to specific publishers.
  • Publisher specific commission rate - most publishers request a minimum commission rate for selling products on their site. If you have not negotiated a rate with your publisher, we suggest setting your default commission rate to at least 30%.
  • Campaign specific commission rate - you will have the opportunity to submit special campaigns, i.e. specific offers (product discounts, bundles etc.), for which you can set a specific commission.

Work Process as a Merchant

  • Step 1: Preparation of your merchant account
  • Step 2: Start sales with publishers
  • Step 3: Order fulfil and payment
  • Step 4: Customer Service

Step 1: Preparation of your merchant account

  • We'll import the product inventory to Tipser and place the order back to you - manual merchants can manage their products and orders on the Tipser merchant portal. For API and Touchless merchants, orders coming in from us will look like any order from your store with full customer and cart details.

Step 2: Start sales with publishers

  • Once we have imported the inventory of all products - including product titles, descriptions, images, prices, stock availability, shipping costs etc. - we will publish your account. Our editors wIll be notified that you are live on the platform and can sell your products immediately at full price. 
  • Editors from the publishers do organic discovery frequently and will make decisions on which products they would like to feature in their next article. If editors are interested in your products and want to run a campaign, they may reach out to you and negotiate campaigns and discounts. 

We regularly present new merchants to publishers via:
- Contact list
- Newsletters
- Weekly meetings

  • The publishers will feature your products on their sites, either in a traditional online store interface, embedded into content, on a locked loyalty site, inside apps, or other creative options.
  • If you want to learn how to increase sales, please read more in Start a Campaign.

Step 3: Order fulfil and payment

  • Once your products are live on the publisher's site, orders will start coming in. The customer will checkout directly on the publisher's site. The order will then be registered in our system, and then the order bot will place the order on your site.
  • You will receive payment depending on your integration type.
Touchless merchants will get paid immediately for each order, we will then invoice you the commission that you owe the POS and us. API and manual merchants receive payment from Tipser once a month excluding commission

Step 4: Customer Service

  • All customer service will be handled by us, Tipser, per your policy (we will need a customer service contact). We will send out order confirmations to the end consumer. We will read your automatic order status updates from API/webpages or the manual update on Tipser Merchant Portal and forward the information to the customer.