An integration is a way for you to seamlessly integrate your webshop to the Tipser platform, allowing you to manage products and orders from Tipser using your normal e-commerce workflow.

Within the first integration, all product information including URL, barcode, title, description, color, images, sizes, stocks, vendor, country, currency, language, categories, brand, original price, and sales price are imported to Tipser. Then stock and price information will be synchronized from your webshop to Tipser once a day.

When a Tipser order is integrated back to your end, you just need to handle it with your normal e-commerce flow.

The source of the product inventory and where an order is placed depend on the integration option you select.

The integration options provided by Tipser:

  • Automatic (Touchless)
  • Plugin API
  • Custom API

Without being able to choose any of the integration options, you can also manage and operate your business in Tipser Merchant Portal manually.

To select an integration option for your merchant account, please reach out to your Merchant Acquisition Manager.