A catalog integration enables you to manage products and orders from Tipser using your normal workflow, whether that involves another ecommerce platform or not.

Integration types

Tipser offers four types of integrations to populate products into your catalog.

Integration typeDescriptionBest for
Automatic (touchless)Tipser uses crawler and checkout bots to get product and order details and synchronize your systems. Optionally, replace the crawler bot with an export API.Merchants who want a low-effort and quick launch
Plug-in APIAn easy setup process in which the merchant creates a custom API and sends Tipser the API keys. Merchants who use Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or Shopware as an ecommerce platform
ManualThe merchant directly uploads products and fulfills orders in the Tipser Merchant Portal. There is minimal integration needed because the merchant does not use several systems. Small merchants who do use another ecommerce platform
Custom API
Customized implementation via APIMerchants with large product catalogs, complex backend configuration, or bespoke platforms

In addition, it may be possible to use a hybrid approach for your implementation. For example, if you love the order fulfillment workflow of your ecommerce platform, you could use an automatic integration for product synchronization and a plug-in API approach to order management. Work with your Customer Success Manager to determine the right approach for your business.

Automatic (touchless)

Inventory Integration

Tipser’s crawler bots regularly check your webshop and update your Tipser product catalog with any changes. 

If a shopper finds your product on a publisher's site, Tipser validates that the item is in stock and confirms the correct price before making it available for checkout in the publisher. 

Order Integration

When a customer places an order, Tipser's checkout bots synchronize the order information between your webshop and the Tipser Merchant Portal. 

We'll also keep your systems synchronized during order fulfillment, when you sent order and shipping confirmation emails to your customers.

This diagram describes how Tipser's bots interact with the purchasing flow:

To learn more about the order and payment flow, please read the article How an Order and It's Payment Flow to a Merchant with Touchless (Automatic) Integration.

If you're interested in using Tipser API to export the product feed instead of a crawler bot, your technical team can refer to our Export API reference documentation.

Plug-in API

The plug-in API method also automatically pulls product and order information between systems, but it does so without using crawler and checkout bots. Tipser has built plug-in APIs for several of the most popular ecommerce platforms:

Manual product and order management

If you don't need to integrate Tipser with another system, you can manually manage products and orders from the Tipser Merchant Portal.

Directly upload products and fulfill orders on the Tipser Merchant Portal without any synchronization from your webshop.

Learn more: 

Custom API

Large, complex, or bespoke systems can require a more flexible integration to work seamlessly with Tipser. Refer to the Tipser REST API documentation for more information.