If you're a merchant who intend to manually manage your inventory and orders on Tipser, this article will guide you to upload products on the Tipser Merchant Portal.

Instructions on how to upload products

Step 1: Log in to the Merchant Portal and enter the merchant account you intend to upload products for

  • Login to the Merchant Portal with your username and password.
  • Click on the merchant name in the top left corner and switch to the account you intend to upload the product in.

Step 2: Enter the product creation page

  • Click on “Create products” on the Product Dashboard to enter the product creation page.

Step 3: Input product information and save changes

  • Filling product information in the product creation page. You must fill in all mandatory fields in order to save the product change successfully.
The mandatory fields include product name, product images, descriptions, department, category (if applicable for the department you choose), brand, price, stock, SKU, and shipping time.

If your account is open for Germany, there are special requirements for products under specific department/category. Please make sure that:
- All products in Health & Beauty are with ingredients information in descriptions and base price.
- All products in Fashion & Accessories are with materials.
Please find more information about materials in the article Material Definitions.
  • With the Department selection, the VAT of the product should be calculated applied.
  • Click “Save” to complete product creation and save the product you just create.

Step 4: Publish the product

  • Switch to “Publish product” if you want the product to be visible.

  • You can also set the visibility of your products in the product list.

Video instruction.

Success Tips:
1. You can make use of product variants and base prices to manage your products. For different colors of the same products, please create different products.
2. If you have multiple variants, please fill in the shipping time for each of them.
3. In order to boost your sales, ensure customers find relevant products easily by maintaining correct listings and brand consistency.