We aim to provide API/Touchless merchants with an automatic order handling process that is the same as handling a direct order from your webpage.


  • How to Handle an Order
  • Order Confirmation and Invoice for Customers
  • Returned Orders

How to Handle an Order

When a new order is generated, Tipser places the order details on your webpage (through an API for API merchants and through order bots for Touchless merchants). There you can handle the order in the same way as you handle orders on your own webpage.

If the order includes a campaign product, the order price we place at your end can be different than the actual payment from the customer.

Order Confirmation and Invoice for Customers

When you fulfil an order from your end, the order status and tracking number will be synchronized to Tipser.

Once the order status is changed to shipped, Tipser will send an order confirmation email to the customer. The customer will then be able to track their parcels on Tipser. 

Invoices will also reach customers from the payment service providers once the orders are changed to shipped.

Returned Orders

For any reason, if you can't fulfil an order, please cancel the order from your platform and attach the reason. Our customer service will reach out to the customer and informing the cancellation of the order.