A campaign helps you to increase sales. As a merchant, you're able to propose a campaign with a publisher on Tipser by Bolt.


What is a Campaign?

A campaign describes a time-limited and exclusive offer for your audience. Campaigns require an official communication between you and the publisher where you agree on the campaign terms. Compared to your normal e-commerce offering like a store or product integrations in editorial articles, campaigns are even more sales-focussed, featured and promoted across all your communication channels. And they offer an amazing opportunity to earn money in a very short period of time.

Some things that indicate a campaign:

  • Special discount - a special offer on price for readers of the target publishers
  • Free shipping & return - a special shipping or return policy
  • Campaign commission - a special commission on the selected products, replacing default commission when sales come through
  • Marketing activities with promotion code - a promotion code for customers to activate the campaign

What is campaign commission based on?
No matter for default commission or campaign commission, we always talk about the total commission based on the sale price.
For example, a product is 100€ as original price, 20% campaign discount and 40% campaign commission. With every product sold with the campaign, you will receive 100€*(1-20%)*(1-40%) = 48€ as merchant share.

Commission is not applied on shipping cost. This means you will receive a full amount of the shipping cost from Tipser by Bolt.

Campaign and Sales

For both merchants and publisher, a campaign is a solid strategy to improve sales:

    - For merchants

A good campaign can attract publishers' attention and collaboration, as well as the sales from their audiences.

    - For publisher

    When inserting products into an article, the editors choose products suitable for their audiences and the article content. This should drive high traffic of the article and high sales of the products. Products with special offers can usually attract more customers.

Campaign Planning

Planning a campaign is one of the the best ways to boost the collaboration between a merchant and a publisher.

Tipser provides a campaign proposal tool for merchants to share their ideas with target publishers.

To learn more about the campaign proposal tool, refer to How to Submit a Campaign Proposal to Publishers.