Return policies vary among the merchants, so our Customer Service Team explains to the customer how your return process works

You are responsible for handling return claims independently according to your internal processes without assistance from Bolt.

Step 1: Customer reaches out to return the item

  • Each of our customers has a right to return a product purchased online within 14 days. They contact your Customer Service Team to find out how to initiate a return.

Step 2: Return handling

When the package is back in your warehouse, update the order:

  • Touchless/API integration: Update the order status in your webshop
  • Manual: Update the order status in the merchant portal

Step 3: Refund

  • Once you change the status of the order, our system automatically refunds the customer. This process is dependent on the order's status, so make sure it is up to date.

How to check the return rate

You can easily access the information about the number of the returns in the merchant portal in the Orders section.

Filter by the Returned status, and download the results into an XLSX or CSV file.


Returns policy

At minimum, all of our customers may return products purchased online within 14 days. 

You have control over the following details of the return policy: 

  • If the return period is longer than 14 days
  • If there is a fee for returned items
  • Who will pay for the return shipping (you or the customer)
  • How the customer should initiate the return and ship it back

Make sure your return policy is clear and available to all shoppers. After you set up your merchant account, you need to add your return policy details to the system.