Since the return policies vary among the merchants first of all our Customer Service Team explains to the customer how the return process looks like in your particular case

Step 1: Customer reaches out to return the item

  • Each of our customers has a right to return a product purchased online within 14 days. They would contact our Customer Service Team, to find out how the process looks like
  • If there is a need for your assistance like generatirn a return label, CS would reach out to you to get it. In any other case they would simply let you know about the upcoming return

Step 2: Return handling

When the package is back in your warehouse simply update the status:

  • in your webshop if you have touchless or API integration
  • in the merchant portal if your integrations is manual

Step 3: Refund

  • Once you change the status of the order we would receive a notification and procees with the refund to the customer. Customer Service Team, takes care of the customers and keep them updated on every step

How to check the return rate

You can easily access the information about the number of the returns in the merchant portal in the Orders section.

Simply choose 'returned' status and dowload the results


Returns policy

Each of our customers has a right to return the products purchased online within 14 days. You can propose to extend this period. However, if the return package is either paid by the customer or your company is a decision you need to make. Merchants can provide returnslips, free postage or even propose a partial refund for the package. You can also decide to not provide free returns at all. It is crucial however to state this information in your merchant portal settings at the very beginning of the cooperation. Remember to update it if you change your return policy!