Inventory Integration

With Automatic (formerly Touchless), Tipser’s crawling engines keep up to date with your inventory down to stock availability by reading and mirroring the inventory in the front-end of your webshop. 

If a consumer wants to buy an item from you via a publisher, Tipser validates that the item is in stock and confirms the correct price before making it available for checkout in the publisher. 

Order Integration

When an order comes in from a customer, we send the order to your webshop via order bots.

Tipser collects the consumer payment for that particular order and transforms it into a virtual credit card. The virtual card and the order information are passed on to Tipser’s checkout bots which place the order automatically and simultaneously in your e-commerce and order management system (OMS). 

When you send order confirmation and shipment confirmation emails back, we capture them and update the order status in Tipser accordingly.

The flow below shows the data flow from a customer to a merchant.

To learn more about the order and payment flow, please read the article How an Order and It's Payment Flow to a Merchant with Touchless (Automatic) Integration.