Tipser by Bolt is the merchant of record for all sales done on Tipser by Bolt and acts as a retailer for the connected merchant products. Therefore, Tipser by Bolt manages payouts to merchants and publishers for sold products. Tipser by Bolt only charges the merchant for the agreed commission per sale!


  • Payment Options
  • Time of Getting Paid
  • Currency and VAT

Payment Options

As an Automatic (Touchless) merchant, you receive the payment for each order at the full sales price immediately when the order is paced at your end. Tipser by Bolt will send you an invoice to charge back the commission and any existing campaign discount once a month.

Time of Getting Paid

Automatic merchants are paid immediately for each order and the invoice from Tipser by Bolt is usually sent on the end of each month.

In cases where you have already received the payment for a product that has been returned, we will deduct the amount on your next payout.

What are Shipped Sales?

Shipped sales are orders where the order items are set to "shipped" status, and thus ready for settlement, when an order item has been shipped and our grace period 21 days has passed.

Currency and VAT

You will always be paid in the currency of the market you sold to. For example, if you sell to Germany, you will get paid/invoice in Euros (€).

Tipser by Bolt acts as a merchant of record and is registered in Sweden and Germany. If you are a Swedish or German merchant, you will get paid, including your local VAT. If you are a merchant located elsewhere in the world you will get paid excluding VAT.