Do you want to know what types of campaigns the publishers are interested in and requesting?

Do you want to start a campaign plan with new publishers that you haven't collaborated with?

Campaign bot is a tool to enable publishers to request campaign ideas with specific requirement and merchants to propose campaigns to the publisher to start your collaborations.

In this article you will find the guide on how to submit a campaign to publishers through the campaign bot.

How to suggest you campaign ideas to a publisher?

Step 1: Access the campaign bot

  • You can access the campaign bot at Tipser Merchant Portal -> Increase Sales -> Send Your Pitch.

Step 2: Find out what are requested by publishers

  • In the campaign tool, you can view all publisher's requests from the market you choose. 

  • Clicking on the publisher's request you can see more details about the requirements on discount, campaign commission and so on.
  • If you're interested in the campaign request, you can then continue the submission. Otherwise click on "No" under the question "Continue with this campaign?" to go back and view other campaign requests.

Step 3: Select you campaign ideas

  • When you choose the target publisher to submit the campaign to, just follow the campaign bot to attach your contact information, the discount and campaign commission you'd like to provide and other information needed.

Step 4: Publishers review and confirm the campaign

  • Your submissions will be directly sent to the target publishers.
  • The editors from the publishers will review the campaign idea and match your products with their online shop or articles.
  • Once the editors are interested in your campaign ideas, they will contact you to confirm or negotiate the campaign details.
Campaign details are negotiable and need agreements from the publisher and merchant. If you have a different opinion with the editors' suggestions, feel free to let them know and work out the best solution for both of you!