Campaign Proposals is a tool that enables you to easily submit your ideas for collaboration to publishers.

Visit About Campaigns for more information about this opportunity to increase sales.


Create a campaign proposal

  1. Navigate to the Tipser by Bolt Merchant Portal > Campaigns.
  2. Click Create campaign. 
  3. Enter the campaign information:
    • Campaign name: Enter a descriptive name.
    • Message to publisher: Write a note to the publisher's editors about this campaign. Explain what you're offering, why a publisher should accept this proposal, or how it benefits your shoppers.
    • Campaign period: Select a start and end date for this campaign. The timezone matches your portal's timezone settings
  4. Enter the discount information: 
    • Discount type: Select either a percentage or fixed-amount discount. Enter a discount percentage no lower than 5% or a discount value no lower than 5% of the absolute value (e.g. for a product of 50€ the lowest discount is 2.50€, for an item of 40€ the lowest is 2€).
    • Free shipping or returns: You can offer free shipping or free returns with either discount type. If you already offer free shipping or returns with a publisher, your selection here will not override that setting.
    • Total commissions: Enter the total percentage of campaign sales that you will pay out as commission, no lower than 10%. The publisher and Tipser by Bolt split this commission 2:1.
  5. Select up to 20 products for this campaign:
    • Enter a keyword, ID, or SKU to search for a published product.
    • Click the product to add it to the campaign. Details about your added products appear in the grid.
    • Note: If you need to add more than 20 products, divide them among multiple campaign proposals.
  6. Select the publishers to which you want to propose this campaign. Each publisher receives their own submission.
  7. Enter your contact information. The publisher's editors will contact you if they need to negotiate any aspect of this proposal, or if they need more information.
  8. Select the checkbox I consent that publishers can contact me if they have any question.
  9. Click Review
  10. Review the campaign information carefully.
  11. Click Send Proposal.

Publishers review the campaign

Your proposal goes directly to the portals of the target publishers. Editors will review your proposal and match your products with their online shops, articles, or channels. 

If the editors have questions or want to negotiate the discount or commission, they will contact you at the information you provided.

Campaign details are negotiable and require agreements from both the publisher and merchant. If you have a different opinion from what the editor suggests, feel free to let them know and work out the best solution for both of you!

When a publisher approves or rejects your proposal, we'll notify you via email.


When both parties agree on the campaign details, the publisher accepts the proposal in their portal. The publisher can add the included products to collections, or embed products directly in content.

Tipser by Bolt sets up campaign

Tipser by Bolt automatically sets up the campaign in the system, including the following:

  • Product details, including price and stock
  • Campaign discounts
  • Campaign start and end dates

Best practices

  • Tipser by Bolt automatically sets discounts based on prices imported from your catalog. Do not manually change the sales price in anticipation of the campaign. If you lower the sales price in the catalog, the discounted price can be lower than you intended.


When publishers reject proposals, they include a rejection reason to give you insight into their decision. 

Reasons for rejection can include the following:

  • The products are not relevant
  • The campaign period is not relevant
  • The discount is not good enough
  • The commission is too low
  • The stock count is not high enough
  • Products are missing information

If you'd like, you can edit your proposal according to their reasoning and re-submit.

Note: If the proposal is not accepted by the selected end date, the system automatically rejects the proposal. You can edit the campaign period and re-submit.

Get started

Get started with your first campaign today!

Affiliate network free shipping

Affiliate network merchants can now participate in campaigns and offer free shipping. 

Get started

Choose an implementation method:

  • Promo codes: Free shipping is enabled through promo codes. Use this method if you don't want any additional invoices.
  • Additional invoices: Free shipping is enabled through our standard touchless checkout bots. To handle orders, this standard bot pays for the shipping, creates a commission, and invoices you directly at a later date.

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Talk to your Customer Success team about getting started with free shipping campaigns. Let them know which implementation method you've chosen.
  2. The team enables this feature for your store.
  3. You can now propose campaigns that provide free shipping!


  • You may need to add the promo code checker bot to your allowlist. If you have strict filters, or if you've added other Tipser by Bolt servers to your allowlist in the past, contact your Customer Success team about setting this up.
  • For promo codes: To safeguard your orders, Tipser by Bolt uses a standard touchless checkout bot to complete the order if the promo code does not work for any reason. This is to prevent any disruption to your business and enable you to keep providing stellar customer service.