Yes you do. Depending on how you choose to integrate with Tipser by Bolt, the email can be obtained by different means.

  1. If you have chosen to integrate with Tipser by Bolt through one of our APIs, the email address will be part of the data set obtained by the merchant polling our "merchant orders" API.

  2. If you have chosen to integrate with Tipser by Bolt through our "Automatic (Touchless)" solution, actual consumers email addresses will not be posted into your front end checkout.

    Instead, Tipser by Bolt relies on anonymized customer email addresses to be able to place orders with merchants in a way that is compliant with data protection regulations, payment services requirements and that enables for Tipser by Bolt to provide our end consumers with an outstanding and fail proof customer service and user experience. However the email addresses can be easily and securely obtained by either 
    1. polling our "merchant orders" API or, 
    2. by downloading order data as XSLX or CSV once logged in to our Merchant Portal.

Tipser by Bolt handles consumers email addresses with great care. Here is why we do not share/relay consumers email addresses in any other way than through API access with strict safety measures:

  • As Tipser by Bolt with the use of anonymized email addresses, can receive the merchants shipment notification, we are able to activate invoices and payments compliantly with most consumers laws - i.e. we do not invoice/ bill consumers until the order is confirmed shipped.
  • With anonymized email addresses, Tipser by Bolt as the merchant of record and the single point of customer service, has all the information necessary to respond to >90% of consumers service requests without consulting the merchant.
  • Tipser by Bolt does not risk to, not even unintentionally, make the consumer liable to any terms or conditions that a merchant posts in its' checkout.
  • Tipser by Bolt can guarantee that customers are not unintentionally signed up to unsolicited newsletters and similar marketing automation, that could potentially put Merchants and Tipser by Bolt at risk of unintentionally violating data protection regulations such as GDPR or CCPA.