This article describes our recommendations for merchants with an automatic touchless integration.

Tipser Touchless integration uses crawling and checkout bot technologies to synchronize systems.

Crawler and bot traffic is often from third-party sites trying to collect data or, rarely, cause a malicious cyber attack. It's good to keep these filters up to block unwanted bot traffic. However, you'll need to add our servers to your allowlist so your filters know that you want these bots to crawl your shop.

You may not be aware of how your blocklist and filters automatically block some web traffic. If you're not sure of your configurations, consult your technical team to understand your webshop's filters, and notify us as soon as possible. Ideally, we would like to receive this information before integration.


Tipser Crawler Bot

Tipser's crawler bots examine your webshop regularly to keep your Tipser product catalog up to date. When the bots find product discrepancies, such as updated inventory or price, they update your products in Tipser. This is essential for your business because it ensures that customers see the latest prices and can only buy items that are in stock.

Enable Tipser Crawlers

We recommend enabling our servers through one of the following options:


Our crawlers can include a parameter to help you identify that it's from a Tipser server. Let us know that you'd like to enable the crawler via user-agent identification, and we'll set this up.

For your technical team:

Tipser crawler will be set with: t
User-agent: Tipser

Customized Header

Our crawler can include any type of HTTP header, token, or information to be identified by you. Let us know that you'd like to enable the crawler via customized header, and we'll set this up.

For your technical team:

headers: { 'X-Custom-Header': 'value' }

IP Ranges

If neither of the other options work for you, Tipser can provide a static IP or IP range that you can add to your allowlist.

We recommend this option only if you're not able to use parameter or header identification. This option may introduce some technical or performance challenges.

Tipser Checkout Bot

Tipser's checkout bots imitate a customer's actions during checkout to synchronize order and behavioral data between systems. This is essential for your business so that your Tipser Merchant Dashboard is always updated with the latest orders so you can fulfill orders and provide high-quality customer service.

Filters that block our checkout bots often appear in the following fields:

Your Checkout

The filter may block our bots at your checkout. In this situation, the bot cannot complete the payment and therefore the order is not represented in both systems.

Your Fraud Detector

Fraud detection solutions may flag orders placed by checkout bots as high risk due to the following reasons:

  • Tipser checkout bots all use the same email domain, which can resemble a fraud signal
  • Tipser checkout bots work quickly to place multiple orders within short intervals, which can resemble a fraudulent action

Your Payment Processor

Because our bots place orders with Tipser payment service and customers' personal information, the payment processor might determine this mismatch of information and block the transaction.

Enabling Tipser Checkout Bots

Foruntately, it's easy to identify orders placed by Tipser checkout bots because they all use email addresses with the Tipser domain (

We recommend the following actions before you launch your Tipser store:

  • Add the Tipser domain ( to your allowlist
  • Add the Tipser domain ( to all filters in your checkout and fraud detector
  • Ask your payment provider to add the Tipser domain  ( to their allowlist 

Sometimes your payment provider may ask for more information about Tipser to verify that this domain is necessary to allow. 
Please contact your customer success manager or Tipser Merchant Support ( for this information.