Tipser Touchless integration uses crawling and checkout bot technologies. Sometimes the merchants have systems to not allow these actions. That means our machines will be blocked when we try to run the daily crawling, single product collection/update or place an order.

To avoid this kind of issue, we recommend all Touchless merchants to whitelist Tipser Servers to be sure that we have the smoothest possible data collecting and fulfilment process.


Whitelisting Tipser Crawler

Do you have any filter which may block Tipser crawler?

Mostly you might be not very sure about the answer of this question, but this is very important as the basis of the success of your business on Tipser.

  • Why is it important to enable our crawler all the time?

In order to make sure your product information is up to date on Tipser, our crawler does crawling from your webshop everyday. If there is any difference on product information (especially stock and price) found between the your webshop and Tipser, we will update the product information on Tipser to keep it same with your webshop.

Once a product is not available, we do not allow customers to make purchase on it as the order can't be fulfilled.

When the crawler is blocked, we can't import the correct information from your webshop, which means we might sell a product with an old price or we over-take orders with unavailable products.

  • Three solutions for your filters to enable Tipser crawler

Please consult your tech team to know more about the filters which may affect the crawling and inform us if there is any filter in your webshop. Ideally we would like to received the information before the integration starts so that we will have enough time to apply the solution.

Any request from Tipser can be identified by the merchant. If there is any, we suggest you to keep our crawler enabled through one of the following options:

  • Option 1 - Whitelisting through User-Agent

When it is needed, we can set up Tipser crawler and user agent with specific names for you to identify the requests from Tipser, and you can whitelist them from your end. 

In the most frequent situations:

Tipser crawler will be set with: t
User-agent: Tipser
  • Option 2 - Whitelisting through Customized Header

Tipser can also provide customized header as you need. The Tipser crawler can include any type of http header, token or information to be identified by you.

headers: { 'X-Custom-Header': 'value' }

  • Option 3 - Whitelisting through IP

If the above two options cannot be applied, Tipser can provide a static IP or IP range to be added in your whitelist.

This option is the least recommended, just to be used as a last resource in some special cases as it may have some tech and performance challenges attached.

Whitelisting Tipser Checkout Bot

Tipser checkout bot plays a role as a real customer at the checkout in your webshop. However, sometimes the orders and transactions from Tipser are seen with high risk for some reasons, therefore it is also important to enable Tipser checkout bot all the time for the success of order placement.

As a result, it will cause long responding time for customers and an unnecessarily higher cancellation rate related to your account.

  • Possible filters to block Tipser Checkout Bot

Usually when Tipser orders are blocked, the filters can appear in the following fields:

  • Your Checkout

The blocker may exist at your checkout. In this situation Tipser checkout bot cannot complete the payment and therefore the order cannot be placed in your end successfully.

  • Your Fraud Detector

Tipser orders sometimes are seen as fraud or with high risk as all Tipser orders are with the emails with Tipser domain. Besides, sometimes multiple orders can be attempted to be made with short intervals, which can be also seen a fraud action.

  • Your Payment Provider's end

As Tipser checkout bot places orders at your webshop with Tipser payment service and customers' information (name and address), sometimes the transaction can be rejected and blocked by your payment provider.

  • Identifying and whitelisting Tipser checkout bot

Orders from Tipser are easy to be identified as all Tipser orders are related to the email addresses with Tipser domain (

It is highly recommended for all Touchless merchants to whitelist the Tipser domain used for orders ( in all filters in your checkout and fraud detector and also to inform your payment provider to put us in their whitelist before your merchant account is activated.

Sometimes your payment provider may asked for more information about the transactions between your webshop and Tipser to complete the whitelisting. 
Please feel free to contact your contact person in Tipser or Tipser Merchant Support ( for it.