To help Merchants get a better overview of their performance with Tipser and its connected Publishers we are launching an Analytics Dashboard. This is the place where merchants can see how much they have been selling, where they have been selling, and much more. 


Analytics Dashboard 

Date picker 

Use the date picker to zoom in on your performance for a specific time period. All graphs and tables will be updated based on your selected dates.


Top boxes 

  • Sales is the revenue of all sold products including shipping but excluding VAT/Tax. 
  • Orders are the number of orders you have received via Tipser. 
  • Average Order Value is the sales divided by the number of orders. 

Major graph 

In the major graph, you will see your performance visualised over time - aggregated and by quarter, month, week, day, or hour.

Publisher performance

The Publisher performance table gives you an overview of your best and least performing Publishers. 

Article performance

Browse through the list of articles to find where your products are selling and simply click on the URL to see how your product has been featured. In most cases, Tipser is able to provide you with the exact article link of where consumers have purchased your product. 


Campaign performance

Here we have collected and sorted all campaigns and special promotions that you have negotiated and set-up together with our publishers.


Product performance 

Scroll through the list of products that have been featured and sold through the Tipser publishing network.

Tip: Use the dropdown available in every graph and table to show
- Sales - The revenue that you have created in Tipser. 
- Quantity - The number of products you have sold.
- Merchant Share - How much money you will get paid after commissions been deducted.