Preferred feed format

Our preffered feed format is Google Merchant Feed (GMF). You can find it's specification here GMF documentation. GMF can be delivered both as XML or CSV files (Examples at the bottom). See our hints on how to generate good quality feed and have higher chance of selling the products.

Other supported feed formats

We have means to integrate with following systems:

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Askas

Keep in mind that not all version might be supported.

Ensuring product quality

The better the quality of your products, the higher the chance of selling the products. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure that we can match variants. item_group_id field should have the same value for product with variants. Product with variants is the same product in multiple sizes, colors etc. All clothing should have the size attribute. Same attribute should have unique value among other variants.
  • Images should be of good quality and the more of them, the better. A minimum for good product is three images (image_link, additional_image_link fields).
  • Description should be detailed and contain all the information customer might be interested in.
  • Include delivery time in your feed or inform us what's the default delivery time for all your orders.
  • Items with free shipping sell best, consider it (shipping field).
  • Include google product category in the feed, so we can make your product searchable easier (google_product_category field).
  • Include GTIN number (gtin field).
  • Take good care of the availability of your products, make sure to inform us about the stock count (quantity field).
  • If the product is targeted to specific gender, add this information in the feed (gender field)

Please see product feed examples as CSV and XML below.