To help merchants get a better understanding of historical, active and planned campaigns, we are introducing a new campaign view.


You can access the campaign view in the sidebar on the left from any page in the portal. When entering the campaigns page, you will get an overview of all active and upcoming campaigns which lets you easily track the progress of current campaigns and plan for upcoming campaigns.

Filter your campaigns

To find a specific campaign, we have implemented two filters and one search.

Status filter - A filter that lets you select if you want to see upcoming, active, and/or completed campaigns. 

Date Filter - Filter your campaigns with from and to. Campaigns that have at least one day in the span will appear. 

Search - Type to search for publisher name or campaign name.

Tip: Select active, upcoming and completed campaigns and search for a merchant name to see all campaigns with this particular publisher. 

Campaign Table

The campaign table displays

  • Status - Upcoming, Active, or Completed
  • Campaign Name - set by Tipser by Bolt
  • Publisher - The name of the publisher 
  • Quantity - Number of products sold during a campaign
  • Sales - Total sales excluding VAT, returns and cancellations
  • Date from - when the campaign starts/started
  • Date to - when the campaign ends/ended 

Tip: Please note that time and date of a campaign are always set to your timezone.