Getting access to the Merchant Portal is a crucial step when managing business on Tipser. This article will give merchants a guide on how to manage your user and merchant accounts.


First Time Signing Up User and Merchant Accounts

When you decide to get on board with Tipser, you need to sign up to a user account and a merchant account as the first step before the full integration can be started. Please follow the instructions below to create your user and merchant accounts on Tipser.

    How to create a user account and merchant account for your business:

Step 1: Go to the Merchant Signup Page

  • Please visit our Merchant Signup Page to start the signup.
  • If you're in contact with a publisher and decide to get on board for them, please ask for the signup link from the publisher.

Step 2: User Account Creation

  • Complete the user information form and click on "Create User Account" to submit it.
  • If you already have a user account and would like to create another merchant account for a new market, please read the Merchant Account Management chapter.

Step 3: Merchant Account Creation

  • Complete the merchant information form and click on "Submit" to complete the merchant account creation.

Sales Market is a crucial field as this is the market your account will be open for. This field cannot be changed later. 
Please choose it carefully or ask your Merchant Acquisition Manager if you're not sure about which option to choose.

Step 4: Getting Back to Your Merchant Acquisition Manager

  • Please let your Merchant Acquisition Manager know the merchant name once your merchant account is successfully created. The Acquisition Manager will set up the commission in the backend and lead you to the next step.

User Account Management

Sometimes you might not be the only user of the merchant account. If this is the case, is it possible to have multiple users for one merchant account? Absolutely yes!

To add new user to a merchant account, the person intending to become a user needs to:

Step 1. Visit Merchant Signup Page.

Step 2. Complete ONLY Step 1 - Creating user account by adding their personal information and clicking on "Create user account" to finish the user account signup.

Step 3. Contacting Tipser Merchant Support ( with the user account (email address) and the name of the merchant account that you'd like to have access to.

Merchant Support ( will help you to link your user account with the merchant account. Then you'll be able to access the merchant account by logging in with your username.

It is recommended to add at least a project manager, a campaign planner, and a customer service agent as the users of your merchant account.

Merchant Account Management

When you have multiple merchant accounts on Tipser, you would probably like to access them through the same user account. 

If multiple merchant accounts are signed up with the same user accounts, you can manage them by:
1. Signing in with your user account.

2. Click on the merchant name on the top-left corner to get an overview of all of the merchant accounts linked with the user account.

3. Click on the merchant account you want to access to switch to the account.

If multiple merchant accounts are signed up with the multiple user accounts but you would like to grant one user name with access to all merchant accounts, please contact Tipser Merchant Support ( with the user account you'd like to use and the names of the merchant accounts that you'd like to have access to under this user account.

If you would like to have more merchant accounts with new brands or for new markets, please contact your Acquisition Manager. They will provide you professional insights about the new markets and possible collaborations with publishers.