Tipser recently decided to join forces and merge with another company striving to transform eCommerce—Bolt.

What exactly is Bolt?

Bolt is a checkout experience that merchants use to make shopping more delightful. With features such as verification code login, One-Click Checkout, and an account you can use across Bolt's network of merchants, Bolt is transforming clunky and outdated checkout processes across the globe.

For example, Bolt & Tipser are working together to implement a solution where you only need to provide payment info and a shipping address to submit an order. Sounds easy, right? That’s Bolt Checkout at work.

What can I expect from this merge?

For our Tipser merchants, things will remain business as usual while we prepare our shared vision for the future of eCommerce.

In the long run, Bolt will leverage Tipser's awesome brands and publisher marketplaces to enhance Bolt’s Remote Checkout solution. We're so excited to combine Tipser's flexible and inspiring shopping features with Bolt's smooth and seamless checkout offerings!

We are beyond excited to be able to take our collaboration to the next level. And we are confident that this opportunity will offer you even better capabilities to accelerate your mission of acquiring new customers and increasing brand awareness. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Merchant Support ( with any questions or ideas.

Bolt is headquartered in the US. Bolt & Tipser share data in compliance with data practices including GDPR, CCPA, and other adequacy standards. 

Read more about the merge here.