This article covers an overview of the implementation process so you know what to expect.

Obtain Tipser API keys

Your Customer Success Manager should provide these to you during the onboarding process.

Choose a catalog integration

Tipser offers four types of integrations to populate products into your catalog:

  • Touchless (Automatic)
  • Plug-in API
  • Manual
  • Custom

Learn more about these types in Catalog Integrations. Your Customer Success Manager can help you pick the right integration method for your business.

Choose an ecommerce integration

For merchants who chose the Plug-in API catalog integration, make sure your ecommerce platform is supported for integration with Tipser. Review the integration guides:

Customize implementation

The possibilities for customization are endless with Tipser. See what's available at

Set up Merchant Portal

Tipser's Merchant Portal is your hub for managing your business. You'll need to set up user account and permissions and familiarize yourself with the portal's functionality.

Learn more in Set Up Merchant Portal.

Review best practices

Review our best practices to prepare your store for a smooth launch: